"Syntax training exceeded my expectations"    
-Dave Bass, VP of Lightwave Division, Agilent Technologies    
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Syntax Purpose, Vision & Values

The purpose of Syntax is to help people learn the important behavioral skills for working together in today's challenging world. Here are the vision and values that guide our work:

Purpose: To enable collaborative work
- the capacity of human beings to accomplish extraordinary results
through mutual understanding
- of ourselves and others
Vision: Bring interpersonal effectiveness
- focus attention, make choices, set goals, build rapport, exchange information, make agreements, take action, learn from experience
to working communities across the globe
- Corporations, virtual workgroups, partnerships and non-profit •• organizations - all those who do collective work with a commitment to people and learning.
Values: Customer Dedication
- maximizing profitability and quality of life for all who work with us
- striving for elegance in design and delivery
- expressing alignment of values and behavior while celebrating diversity
- learning in collaboration with others
- renewing commitment and energy through life balance


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