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table of contents

Chapter 1: The New Workplace Game

Chapter 2: A Model for the New Work

Chapter 3: Changing Our Minds

Chapter 4: It Depends on How You Look at Things: The Power of Frames

Chapter 5: Starting Point: What You and Your Customers Want

Chapter 6: Are You Ready and Willing to Listen?

Chapter 7: Recognizing and Reducing Resistance

Chapter 8: Just the Facts, Please -- Not Your Interpretation!

Chapter 9: Moving Past Self-Imposed Limits

Chapter 10: Getting Safely Out of the China Shop: How we Process Information

Chapter 11: Twenty-First Century Smarts: The New Intelligence

Chapter 12: It's Not So Hard to Learn

Chapter 13: Requests and Agreements

Chapter 14: Teamwork's Underlying Structure

Chapter 15: Balancing Results and Relationships


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