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Success in Practice

You've spent countless hours thinking about it, dreaming about it, imagining it...
Your Perfect Practice!

Now it's time to take the big step from dream to reality.

You're ready to make your move, but you ask yourself - in what direction?

At times like these you might want someone to help you draw a map. And if you're looking to have your practice running with ease and grace, support and fellowship, the Success in Practice program is for you!

The Success in Practice program is designed to address the needs and challenges faced by life coaches as well as healthcare and other professionals who are starting or growing their practices. You're invited to participate at the level that most serves you.

Success In Practice offers you the following four formats,
or we can customize our coaching for you and your staff:

in Practice :
This is a 2 day course for life coaches as well as healthcare and other professionals interested in growing their practices and becoming ever more successful.
Success in Practice includes:
tools for successful marketing with integrity
ways to effectively turn prospects into satisfied, paying clients
• how to create balance between professional and personal life
• assistance in developing, clarifying and implementing practice goals
• fundamentals of small business management

avenues to inspire your team/staff to multiply your practice success

Read the article "Creative Solutions to Business Challenges" for more information on the subject!

Group Coaching: Dynamic group of professionals who meet to develop, clarify and set up an implementation plan of practice goals. At the end of each meeting, action steps and commitments will be shared. Brainstorming of ideas, solutions to challenges, and specific practice related topics are discussed, taught and practiced.
Group Coaching Includes:
bi-weekly meetings for 4 months
membership in a supportive and inspiring fellowship
• assistance with specific practice challenges
• assistance in developing, clarifying and implementing practice goals

From Dream to Reality:
This part of the program is specifically designed for new practices. It will provide you with the nuts and bolts of small business management - from tax laws to marketing.
From Dream to Reality Includes:
the 'Success in Practice ' 2-day course followed by 6 weeks of weekly one-hour power coaching sessions
the creation of a map and the stepping stones to get from dream to reality
assistance with the set-up of your practice
• introduction to simple and user friendly accounting systems, organizational tools,
• • • • • • • tracking systems to monitor progress, clients and/or sales.
• ongoing support and problem solving

Practice Team Success: This part of the program is for you and your winning team - your practice staff! Create an environment of team support and a drive for a common destination.
Practice Team Success Includes:
the 'Success in Practice Team' 1-day course
the creation of a common goal and destination
how to set specific practice goals
assistance with the implementation of win-win rewards
• ways to facilitate effective and positive practice team meetings

tools on how to make successful requests and agreements

Read this inspiring article "Employer vs. Employee - Creating Win-Win Solutions in the Workplace" for more information on the subject!


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