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Sandy Mobley

Sandy Mobley is a partner in The Learning Advantage, a management consulting and training firm established to help organizations become learning organizations. She and her partners are committed to finding ways of creating and enhancing organizational and individual learning for their client companies and agencies.

Sandy has specialized in Total Quality Management, change management and curriculum design to support organizational goals, and has served a variety of clients in manufacturing, technology and service industries. Current clients include EDS, US Dept. of Agriculture, The Mitre Institute, Rust Engineering and LCC, Inc. She is a certified Syntax instructor.

In her previous jobs as Director of Training for McKinsey & Company, The Information Consulting Group and for the Wyatt Company, Sandy was responsible for designing, developing, and implementing a training curriculum for the entire organization. A key focus in each of these organizations has been consulting project management as well as technical training in each of the practice areas.

Before that, as Manager of Executive Development for Hewlett-Packard, she utilized her expertise in the development and implementation of functional programs, such as Marketing, R&D Project Management and Total Quality Control. In addition, she offered one-week broad functional programs for middle managers and general managers. Her strategic management programs for H-P's top two hundred senior managers were responsible for organizational change efforts.

Sandy has consulted extensively to small and large high-tech organizations and service firms in people and process management. She holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mathematics and computer science from the University of Texas at Arlington, and a Master's in Business Administration from Harvard Graduate School. She is a commissioned member of the National Research Council, Committee on Techniques for the Enhancement of Human Potential.


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