"You helped me by modeling excellence through an artful variation of tempo and activities." -Independent Consultant
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Syntax Advanced Learning Institute (SALI)
   With Lucy Freedman and Senior Syntax Consultants

SALI is a gathering of experienced professionals who are actively influencing processes of communication and change in organizations and with individual clients.

It is for people who are passionate about bringing the
best of themselves to collaborative endeavors, and
who are passionate about bringing out the best in others.

In an intensive five-day retreat, participants establish
clear goals for their own next steps while honing skills of recognizing, utilizing, and evolving their own and others’ behavior patterns. Mutual learning and coaching take up
the majority of the time.

SALI is built around a core inquiry of how to bring forth significant learning in organizational settings. Report on SALI 2002 - Highlights and Pictures.

Benefits to the individual:
• Growth as facilitator of learning
• Opportunities to lead and influence and receive helpful
• Rich exchanges with leaders in coaching, consulting,
Neurolinguistics, and Conversational Change.
• Reflection on Personal Syntax, and Renewal/Redirection.
• Exploration of exciting and useful tools, such as
Appreciative Inquiry, Advanced Neurolinguistics,
and E-Learning.
• Relaxation and rejuvenation at a beautiful setting

Benefits to organizations and clients:
• Enhanced organizational learning capability
• Collaborative leadership skills to evolve the organization
• Increased ability to bridge differences and assist a
wider range of clients
• Acceleration of desired changes
• Better solutions to long-standing team or interpersonal
• Reinforcement of Syntax for both participants and
workplace colleagues
• Renewal of personal growth and motivation to contribute

Past participants say:
"The week validated my skills and cemented my belief
in myself. I seem to be bursting with ideas for contacts and ways to begin that I was unable to dream of before SALI."

"The practices we did formed a new set of metaphors
that will generate more learning."

"As usual, the Syntax Advanced Learning Institute was renewing, enlightening, and fun."

(408) 395-0952 or by e-mail: syntaxoffice@syntx.com


Janet Crawford and Dee Kinder teach the importance of linking at the 2001 SALI.

Madeleine Wyke and Karen Bading
facilitate a session on Learn, one of the
Syntax modules at the 2001 SALI.

Dee Kinder and Lena Paritskaya share experiences.

Sylvia Dolena of Hewlett Packard and Elise Edwards of EDS share their insights on Balance with the SALI group.

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