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High Schoolers Rap on Syntax

by Susan Laurence, C. DeJuan Ruffin and Risa Musto

Karen Bading has been bringing Syntax into her work with the Hollywood Urban Project where teenage kids get to spend time together learning about leadership, communication, etc. As a final project, she asked them to demonstrate their learning. One group took the topic of learning, which Syntax graduates will recognize as the four Steps in Learning, taking you from "Unconscious Incompetence" all the way to mastery, or "Unconscious Competence."
Hear the rhythm as they capture the deeper lessons of the learning steps in their Rap presentation.

Since this teacher didn't give us much time,
Our presentation is in the form of rhyme.

Unconscious incompetence is pure bliss,
Because we don't know what we miss.

In conscious incompetence we start to burn,
Cause we know there's something to learn.

In conscious competence you really have to think.
If you make a mistake now, it's going to stink.

In unconscious competence, we got it pat.
We don't have to think any more about that.

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