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"SMART WORK: The Syntax Guide for Mutual Understanding in the Workplace"
addresses the aspect of work that is more essential now than ever - our need to develop mutual understanding with one another. The skills and attitudes explained in SMART WORK can position you for a successful and satisfying career in a world where technical expertise is no longer enough to keep you thriving.

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Marshall and Freedman show you how to build the base of communication that gets work done well even in turbulent times. They offer practical suggestions, case studies, and solid theory in a format designed to be implemented into everyday situations.

Check out the best resource available for managing workplace communication, leading teams in technical environments, and excelling in your professional career. Order SMART WORK online from the publisher www.KendallHunt.com, by sending us email at syntaxoffice@syntx.com, or by calling us at 408-395-0952.

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