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SYNTAX Programs:
Deliver Learning In The Formats That Work Best For You

Syntax Learning Programs:

SYNTAX Influence Course


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Online Programs & Tools:
We partner with clients to construct custom online learning tools, featuring skill practice with feedback. Ask us for details.

LEARN how to invite your colleagues to participate by reading Getting to "NO": Practicing What We Preach in Learning Programs

FIND out more about the foundations of SYNTAX by reading the Premise behind our approach
How do you empower people to become effective members of workplace communities when they are challenged as never before to do more, learn more, change more, at an ever-accelerating pace?

Each individual brings his or her own behavior patterns (their Personal Syntax ) into the workplace – these patterns sometimes work and sometimes don't work so well!

SYNTAX, the Common Language for Collaboration, encapsulates what people in the new workplace need to know so that they can survive and thrive.

Syntax program participants:

Gain new insights, flexibility and focus for optimizing their own and others’ behavior patterns.

Practice hands-on workgroup leadership skills and tactics for empowering and motivating others.

• Build a workplace culture that reinforces effective communication

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