"The Syntax framework is the most comprehensive and practical of all those I've learned about "  -Organizational Development Consultant     
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Our Premise is that...

...our ability to communicate effectively with one other is the most crucial priority in today's global workplace.

By observing the behavior of successful individuals, teams, and organizations, we recognize habits and behavior patterns that constitute the SYNTAX, or structure, of success.
These are organized into five skill areas in a framework that serves as a common language, an organizational foundation for reaching goals and bridging differences.

The purpose of Syntax is to spread understanding and behavioral skill in the foundations of effective communication in efficient, easily learnable ways. To do this, we offer services and educational products to large and small enterprises and to facilitators, coaches, and consultants.

The sources on which Syntax is based include Neurolinguistic Programming, Fernando Flores' work on conversations and action, Transactional Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, Human Performance Technology, and over twenty years of introducing Syntax to professionals in organizations. Many of our assumptions are explained and demonstrated throughout this site. Feel free to browse for yourself, and come back often to catch handy hints and good ideas.

Welcome to Syntax. We hope you find it easy to locate answers to your questions and invite you to communicate with us about your goals.



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