"Syntax consultants were focused, experienced and sensitive and flexible to the class needs." -Manager, Sun Microsystems
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The People in Syntax

Syntax was founded and is led by Lucy D. Freedman, a graduate of Radcliffe College and Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has applied her outstanding skills as an educator and therapist to helping people in high-tech organizations understand and work with each other more easily. She is co-author of Smart Work: The Syntax Guide for Mutual Understanding in the Workplace.

Syntax learning program graduates include executives, managers, hardware and software engineers from many industries, scientists, team leaders, internal consultants, instructors, facilitators, and coaches. Almost every profession has been represented in some of our courses and coaching assignments.

Syntax Certified Consultants are professionals who have demonstrated world-class ability to help people learn Syntax. Their backgrounds include knowledge, experience, and contributions in supporting fields such as:

Neurolinguistic Programming
Multicultural Communication
Quality Processes
Project Management
Effective Writing
Change Management
Organizational Learning

Syntax's Vision and Values commit us to serve working communities across the globe. How can we be of assistance to you?

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