"Syntax brings about effective change in teams."
- Engineer, Sun Microsystems
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Managing Relationships and Results

In this one day course you are invited to explore the common language for collaboration, SYNTAX - A behavioral map for mutual understanding and interpersonal effectiveness.

The Promises for the one-day course are that you will:
• Apply the five major Syntax skills to your immediate goals and concerns
• Benchmark your skill levels and define offers you can make to others with confidence
• Give and receive coaching on direction, motivation, and
• Have a renewing day with playful learning and useful idea.

Course Outline:
Common Language for Collaboration
Setting the Direction of Conversation
Generating Outcomes for Self, Client, and Client's Client
Premises of a Coaching Relationship
Practice: Meeting Other People Where They Are
Clarify the requests and agreements (made or unmade) in client's situation
-identify areas of opportunity
-what is / not requested, offered, agreed to, or declined
-make new choices available
Tuning up your behavioral awareness
Getting on the other person's map to build understanding
Appreciation and Learning

Past Participants' comments:

"Not a day goes by without using something from the course."
- R&D Project Manager

"I could see excitement in the eyes of the participants,
heard them using the new skills, and experiencing new power…
It has given us a whole new language for informal coaching."

- Division General Manager

"(The Syntax framework)... is the most comprehensive and practical of all those I've learned about."
- Organizational Development Consultant

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Students and Syntax Consultants
in group discussion





Participants preparing for the next exercise.

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