"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your mind off your goals." -Unknown
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Lynda Fudold

Lynda L. Fudold has more than twenty years experience assisting people in understanding one another in the business setting, presenting themselves well, and solving business and interpersonal difficulties.

She began her endeavors to 'make the world a better place', believing that people simply needed to 'think better'. So, after graduating from University of Maryland magna cum laude, she pursued a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Illinois (Chicago). There, as a Teaching Assistant, she taught logic, along with other courses, to undergraduates.

It soon became obvious to her that there was more to the problems people have than logic. So, Lynda began a ten year study of humanistic psychology, studying group process along with Gestalt, and Transactional Analysis, as well as other models. At the same time she was working with high profile, Fortune 500 customers inside a large corporation, so there were plenty of opportunities to use, test and improve the skills she was developing.

Having already studied humanistic psychology she discovered neurolinguistics, with it's communication and problem solving models. After several years of studying NLP (neurolinguistics), while still inside the larger corporation, she left the more traditional 'corporate life' to begin Advanced Communications Group to more directly serve the needs she saw all around her.

Always the learner, she is currently a doctoral student in Human Systems and Organizational Development at Fielding Institute.

She is a former Vice President on the Board of Directors at Oasis Center in Chicago, and served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the North American Association of NLP. Lynda has been a guest on television and radio.

Through ACG, Lynda and her colleagues help client companies improve interpersonal interaction, resolve conflicts, as well as improve the art and skill of influence for better business and interpersonal results.

Lynda believes that the first focus in business is to 'Solve the Problem', and move forward toward our goals. To achieve this, interpersonal respect and communication are musts, because business is about getting things done through people.

How we perceive a situation and a person determine how we experience that situation and person. Clarifying perceptions and correcting misperceptions free us up to solve problems and reach business and personal goals.

Keeping our focus on goals, developing human systems that work well together, showing people precisely how to be more effective with each other in today's complex business environment are hallmarks of her work.

ACG, including Lynda and a number of like-minded colleagues, have been doing this work since 1991.


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