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Lucy D. Freedman

Lucy Freedman inspires people to recognize and take advantage of the success factors and growth opportunities in their own personal styles of interpersonal communication. With everyone from high school students to corporate executives, she illuminates what you need to know in a way that you can use it immediately, and hang on to it as well.

She has studied and observed excellence in leaders, coaches, and teams in organizations of all kinds. Her practical learning methods transmit immediate benefit in the workplace and allow each person to learn and contribute in the styles which work best personally.

In addition to working with people at Hewlett-Packard, Oracle Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Sun Microsystems, public agencies, technical departments, and a variety of small and large companies, Lucy trains and certifies consultants and coaches in Syntax.

Helping people communicate and connect with honor, respect, and understanding has always been Lucy's central passion. As a result, she has been an innovator as well as student of interpersonal behavior as long as she can remember, having invented a career as she went along. While teaching high school she was aware of shaping the message especially to enhance each unique student's understanding and motivation. From there she has practiced as corporate trainer and an individual and group therapist and coach, using methods from Transactional Analysis, Neurolinguistics,and studies with Milton Erickson, M.D., Fernando Flores, as well as numerous other models and approaches.

Lucy came from a family of Harvard graduates, and earned a BA degree in English at Radcliffe College as well as a Masters in Teaching at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is a past president of the International Transactional Analysis Association, and co-author of Smart Work: The Syntax Guide for Mutual Understanding in the Workplace.

Lucy now lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. She alternates intensive days speaking, teaching, and coaching in Silicon Valley and worldwide with writing and designing courses in the hills overlooking Monterey Bay.






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