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Syntax Communication Audit

Use this profile as guidance for setting learning goals and checking on your progress periodically.

Each column (A, B and C) represents a workteam or relationship with a coworker. Fill in the number that best describes each situation, then total the results across and down.   A B C D
in most situations
Totals by skill (Add columns
A-D across)
Scoring: 1____2____3____4____5          
1=Rarely, 3=Sometimes, 5=Usually          
PLAN - Do you          
Maintain a positive climate for communicating?
Develop common goals and objectives?
Make objectives clear and observable?
LINK - Do you          
Cooperate and work as a team?
Base relationships on mutual trust?
Manage disagreement with mutual respect?
INFORM - Do you          
Exchange information accurately?
Check out interpretations and distortions?
Verify and follow-up?
LEARN - Do you
Take actions as agreed upon?
Remain open to receiving feedback?
Provide feedback consistently?
BALANCE - Do you          
Pay attention to both task and relationship?
Make complete, clear requests?
Accept, decline and renegotiate agreements?
TOTALS by situation (add down)  
Based on these scores, what situation and what skill would be your priorities for improvement?
1. Situation:
2. Skill:

Note the highest and lowest scores for your skill areas as well as for your communication areas. You have identified these as your strengths and your biggest challenges

Interpretations of the Score for Each Column:

15-30: You need to arrange for coaching for yourself and/or your group and consider what in the organization may be blocking effective collaboration.

31-40: Recognize the areas of success and build on those. You need to pay attention to the low point by practicing those skills and getting feedback regularly from people you consider being good communicators.

41-55: You are maintaining a workable level of communication. Identify the highest payoff areas to work on while continuing to learn about others’ communication styles.

56-65: Strong communication /collaboration across different situations. Lead your team in learning the specific approaches and skills that lead to desired results.

66-75: Congratulations, you are a senior level communicator and collaborative leader, and you are fortunate in your workteam. Continue to model good learning skills so others will grow with you.

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