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Dee Kinder

Dee Kinder is founder and president of Success Enterprises and N.L.P. Midwest, an international communication consulting and training company. Her clients include international companies, educational institutions, various government agencies, and N.L.P. Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Trainers and Institutes throughout the world.

With more than 25 years of business and sales experience in the areas of banking, real estate, insurance and securities, as well as airline and travel management, her training is based on real-world experiences which she delivers with humor.

Dee has been certified as a trainer by one of the founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as the leading NLP Institute in the United States. She is also a certified instructor for Syntax Communication Modeling Corp. based in California and Washington D. C., and is a learning consultant for Carlson Learning.

Dee designs and conducts workshops and in-house training in a variety of business and communications-related subjects. She also certifies practitioners and trainers at all levels of N.L.P. Her use of Neuro-Linguistics in workshops and coaching has distinguished her for her innovative application of this information to the business environment. Her integrity, energy, humor and support invite enthusiastic participation from her audiences. The emphasis in her workshops is on acquiring skills rather than simply knowledge about the skills.

Dee has a broad background with an abundance of N.L.P. training, as well as team-building, customer service, and sales experience in various fields. She also has management experience, which provides a perspective from both positions. She works well with individuals, as well as people at all levels of an organization. She readily accepts goals and challenges. Ms. Kinder has a demonstrated ability to define problems and initiate and implement action to produce satisfactory results. She is an excellent communicator with the ability to conduct effective coaching and training programs by relating information in a concise, usable way.

Dee is committed to excellence, consistently ranking at the top on workshop evaluations. She has a working knowledge of all her seminar subjects and enjoys sharing that knowledge with others. Dee presents cutting-edge communications techniques in an effective way that emphasizes acquiring competence in the new skills.

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