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Consultation for Comprehensive Change

For over two decades, Syntax and our teams of certified consultants have been leaders of learning, applying the most powerful methods for helping professionals learn to act with outstanding effectiveness. Based on this experience, we offer guidance to decision-makers within organizations as they face the challenge of introducing higher standards of interpersonal behavior that are critical to thriving in the Information Age.

The many past Syntax projects show that formats for learning in the flow of business can take many forms. Working with our certified consultants and associates, your creativity in utilizing existing systems and resources is met by our substantial expertise in how to make learning processes appealing and exciting. We work with you on innovative, time-sensitive ways to support the people who drive your enterprise communicating with increasing skill across interpersonal and organizational boundaries utilizing a combination of Syntax Learning Designs.

The result? A common language for collaborating that strengthens ties within the organization, with customers and suppliers, and with the future that you and your company are working to create.

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Syntax Learning Designs
Syntax Learning Designs emphasize innovative methods for business-based learning that couple real work or simulated business processes with just-in-time learning. The advantage of these approaches are that participants develop and test their skills in real life and are reinforced through regular coaching. Visit our projects page for examples of how these are being utilized by our clients. The broad benefit of having a common language for collaborating can be achieved in ways that augment, rather than distracting from, the accomplishment of your business goals.

SYNTAX Experiential Learning Formats

Learning at Intervals: Customized course modules scheduled at intervals of one or more weeks, with coaching or telecoaching in between.

Performance Challenge: Syntax modules integrated with an intensive business simulation to provide immediate demonstrations and practice, a powerful professional growth experience.

Learn As We Go: Intact project teams or work groups come together to do their real work receiving regular feedback from Syntax consultants.

Special Focus Program: Skills development is couched in the language and work demands of specific application areas such as leadership, teams, sales, consulting, coaching, customer service and technical support.

Open Enrollment Courses: When there is a sufficient number of individual or consortium participants, we offer an introductory 1-day course called Managing Relationships and Results, an intensive 3-day course called Collaborative Leadership and our advanced professional development program for consultants, coaches and facilitators, the Syntax Advanced Learning Institute. External courses are also offered at the San Jose State University Professional Development Center.

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