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Collaborative Leadership

Every day your interactions create your influence in the world.

How aware are you of the behavioral patterns that lead to your success? How often are you delighted with your ability to bring forth spectacular results as you work with others?

Leaders are those who value their interactions with others and accomplish their goals. Syntax gives leaders the tools to collaborate with increasing effectiveness throughout their careers.

The underlying structure of success - and insights into your own personal syntax - will be revealed, taught and applied during this course.

You will learn how to:
Coach, lead, and collaborate with others
Accelerate mutual understanding
Create a blame-free, learning-oriented environment
Clarify goals and actions
Communicate well with diverse people, cultures and organizations
Facilitate stuck situations to move forward
Reduce resistance
Inspire new levels of team success

Hear what past participants and clients have to say!

Read this review! Collaborative Leadership Course: A Participant's View

"Not a day goes by without using something from the course."
- R&D Project Manager

"I could see excitement in the eyes of the participants, heard them using the new skills, and experiencing new power… It has given us a whole new language for informal coaching."
- Division General Manager

"(The Syntax framework)... is the most comprehensive and practical of all those I learned about."
- Organizational Development Consultant

For maximum benefit, bring your whole team along for 3 days packed with learning, ahas and insights. Special rates available for advance and team registration; you may qualify for a partial scholarship on request.

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Students simulate a model of
the human brain.



Collaborative Ledaership participants writing down their goals for the course.

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