"Using outcome based skills forces organization of thoughts and create better results."  -Manager, IBM
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Do YOU Need a Syntax Coach?

Leaders in all fields and industries are discovering the effectiveness of coaching for developing personal mastery, managing expanded challenges, and advancing their careers and their organizations' goals.

Syntax-based coaching not only provides structured powerful assistance to the client in each session, it also imparts a crucial set of skills that will enable the client to go far beyond the results of the moment.

Syntax Certified Coaches are available in many parts of the United States, and we have an extensive international referral network.

Take advantage of the fact that with Syntax, you know what you will be getting from your coach: ethical, skilled, assistance with what really matters to YOU!

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The value of SYNTAX coaching includes:

• receiving feedback on one's personal "syntax" and how to build on
• assistance in developing and clarifying goals
• personal reflection with insights and perspective from someone
interested in bringing forth new and effective actions.

The SYNTAX coaching process includes:

• assessment in person and with profiles as needed
• observation where possible in typical work communications
• one-on-one and telephone meetings
• individualized follow up and evaluation.

SYNTAX coaching guidelines and standards:
• follow the client’s agenda and not our own
• form an alliance with the client that provides a safe and empowering
space for learning to occur
• provide a structure for honest feedback, and model the learnings we are
bringing to the client.

SYNTAX Coaching Formats:
Shadow Coaching: a Syntax consultant spends time observing the client as he or she goes about a normal work day. At the end of each visit, highly detailed feedback on what behaviors serve the client's interests and goals, and what behaviors don't, becomes the basis of setting practice commitments until the next session.

Telecoaching: The Syntax consultant meets weekly by phone with the client to review goals and practice commitments.

or In-office Coaching: regular weekly or every-other-week on-site meetings with the client.

Team Coaching: the Syntax consultant does regular on-site observation and coaching and is also available for facilitation and in-the-moment team learning experiences.

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